Restroom Badge

Restroom Badge


In the RBAC Office everyone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness. One of those roles is restroom duty.

Put on gloves, use Clorox/Pinesol spray and cloth to wipe down toilet and sink and countertop. Empty garbage by putting in garbage bin (dirty) on floor Bathroom is located on.  Replace toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap, lotion, deodorizer as needed. If you used last of supply, replace it by looking at inventory list to see where it is stored. Inventory list is on shelf in main floor (MF) storage area.  If supplies are out prepare a Office Supply Request form. Take cloth to washing machine. Sign off on Restroom Monitoring and Cleaning Log. Place cloth towel in washing machine

Supply list: Gloves (HS#2), Clorox/Pinesol spray (Bathroom Cabinet), cloth towel (HS#2), toilet paper (HS#2), paper towel (HS#2), hand soap refill (HS#2), lotion (sink)


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