Author: Rosyva Valcin

Job Corps

Jennifer Tanner, an admissions counselor, works in this free federal program to help students get high school credit.  It’s like a college because you get to live on campus.  It gives you work experience and helps with...

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Seattle Animal Shelter

Melissa is new to the Seattle animal shelter.  She has worked there for 6 months.  She works in pet licensing.  She is doing a lot of outreach, making sure people know about the pets and animals.  The shelter does a lot of...

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Her name is Brittney Johnson, half black, half German.  Her dad is black, and her mom is German and black.  She has long silky hair, is skinny as a twig, with skin as brown as a Hershey.  Her eyes are baggy from lack of sleep....

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my neighborhood story

what i like about home is family time.  what i don’t like about home is the arguing.  my neighborhood is like a rainforest, not secure like it should be.  i hear birds chirping, i hear bees buzzing,  i see dead rats, uncut...

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Corner Greeter Newz