Remember Peace Youth Rally-21

On October 25, 2012, I went to a Peace Rally at South Shore.  This event was organized by a program called Alive and Free (they are connected to the Union Gospel Mission).  I enjoyed watching the audience.  Seeing the youth express themselves through different forms of art such as dancing, rapping, spoken word, singing was inspiring.  The main message at this event was about violence prevention; and keeping youth out of gangs and drug violence.  Attending this event really opened my eyes, and I hope others who attended were also able to reflect on the message of the event.

Most Surprising thing heard: The experiences of parents who have lost their kids because of gang violence.  They convince us to stay out of the streets and focus on our hopes and dreams.

Most controversial thing heard: A youth speaker talked about how from the outside looking in, she sees a variety violence in Rainier Beach that only harms youth.  I feel that since she has not lived her for long, she cannot relate to the community as a whole.