Author: Roseandre Valcin


5 ft” tall, curly hair, hazel eyes, a light skinned mixed, black & white girl, who LOVES too sing! Her name is Layla Jones. Sunday morning in church hearing that gospel music, pastor preaching, hearing the pastor sing,...

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Once a Child, Now a Man

5 ft”6 inches tall, he is a man who loves to work w/ kids.  He is a white American man with greyish hair, and brown eyes that changes color.  He is a man who loves to talk also, and he likes to have a good time.  He...

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Documentary On The March

When I was watching this documentary on the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, I saw how really bad things were way back then. The marches started in Montgomery when a black boy  riding a bike was pulled over by a cop...

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