November #RB ArtBeats

This month’s features focus on key civic and family events, including the Rainier Beach High School walkout.

Al-uruba restaurant Interview with Osman Busari co-owner

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Dec 122012

Q: When did you decide you wanted to own your own restaurant?

A: Two years ago, I love cooking. It helps us introduce our Somali culture to the area.

Q: What is your religious restrictions with food?

A: We can only eat Hala – meat that has been properly slaughtered, no alcohol and no pork.

Q: Which dishes are ordered most often?

A: Mostly goat meat and rice, also hamburgers

Q: What’s a typical style of dining in your culture?

A: Well we eat more family style; normally we eat with our hands, in Somalia we sit on the floor using a low table.

Rainier Beach’s Walk Out!!!

These photos are of the Rainier Beach Walk Out that occured in October 2012!! The photos include most of the students at the school, staff members, police officers, teachers, service providers and news reporters who attented this event. The purpose of this event was to make it known that students wanted Rainier Beach to be […]