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Al-uruba restaurant Interview with Osman Busari co-owner

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Dec 122012

Q: When did you decide you wanted to own your own restaurant?

A: Two years ago, I love cooking. It helps us introduce our Somali culture to the area.

Q: What is your religious restrictions with food?

A: We can only eat Hala – meat that has been properly slaughtered, no alcohol and no pork.

Q: Which dishes are ordered most often?

A: Mostly goat meat and rice, also hamburgers

Q: What’s a typical style of dining in your culture?

A: Well we eat more family style; normally we eat with our hands, in Somalia we sit on the floor using a low table.

Rainier Beach’s Walk Out!!!

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Empire Nights Third Anniversary

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Peace Rally

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Shout Out to Empire Nights for Their Third Anniversary

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