Photo Voice 2011

Rainier Beach Photo Voice 2011 project focused on identifying community assets that support learning and education

Askia’s Photo Voice Poster

Basketball dreams This photo was taken at Othello Park. The day this photo was taken was 7\20\11. This photo is picture of a basketball hoop. I want to share this photo because most of the kids in the Rainier Beach neighborhood play basketball. This photo represents to me that kids who really want to make […]

Cece’s Photo Voice Poster

A Place Where Youth Has a Voice This photo was taken on 7/19/11. A picture of a building, bike, grass, and windows. I want to share this photo because there are a lot of community meetings that happen in this building and most of them are about youth and we don’t usually attend them. A […]

Isis Photo Voice Poster

Art in Rainier Beach A garbage can is written all over. Orange and blue scribbled in graffiti like style. Someone might think that it’s destructive, ugly and makes the community look raggedy. But I think it’s a type of art. It depends on the eye. I like this picture because it shows art in a […]

Gregory’s Photo Voice Poster

Beer Sheva – Where Families Learn Together This is a park sign with an open field leading to Lake Washington, across from Rainier Beach High School. Beer Sheva Park is the traditional location of the Rainier Beach Back2School Bash – where students get inspired about education. It represents a place where families grow and learn.  […]

Ken’s Photo Voice Poster

A yard sale network—and neighborhood event—you don’t want to miss! Something about the make-shift assembly of this particular sign caught my eye. The neighborhood had been blanketed with the “branded” poster at the top of the photo, but this entire configuration displayed an ad hoc flow of imagination with a passion for capturing the attention […]

Lizeth’s Photo Voice Poster

Lily Flower on July 21, 2011 In this picture it shows a flower. I want to show this picture because I think that the background is very pretty. I took this picture because it shows a very pretty flower.  This picture represents me because I like to take many pictures and save them. Blooming Flower […]

Mecca’s Photo Voice Poster

Where was the photo taken: during peace walk Date taken: 7/20/11 Description of the photo: macro picture of flower Why do you want to show this photo? I want to show this photo because this picture shows that the Rainer Beach community and that it is not just dirty and unclean. What does this photo […]

Patricia’s Photo Voice Poster

Street I  took this photo in at Rainer Beach bus stop Date: 7/22/11 In this photo are: bus, trees, and a fence. I wanted to share this photo because it shows how some parts of Rainer Beach are really dirty and how to catch the bus. It represents the bus. It shows the bus being […]

Robin’s Photo Voice Poster

Average Bus Taker This photo was taken by the Rainier Beach Library. A brief description of the photo contains is what seems to be an average man waiting for the bus. He is sitting on the curb by the bus stop. I chose to share this photo because I see more than an average man […]

Ronald’s Photo Voice Poster

Break Time This is a picture of Robin Rojas posing with the running man. The reason I want to share this photo is because it shows humor in the picture. While Robin Rojas was working out he decided to take a break and pose for us. This photo represents that we need to take a […]