Education Action Area

Hispanic SeaFair

Top Two Highlights 1.The First highlight that I learned at the Hispanic Sea-Fair was that in Seattle their is a lot of help for Hispanics in case of they want to find jobs, or any different kind of help that they need the Hispanic Sea-Fair is there for them. 2. The second highlight that I […]

Year Up! Tech program

YearUp is a l program that helps young adults find a career in the technical field.This program get young adults involved with companies such as Microsoft and Google. The first six months of being enrolled in YearUp you are a student. Then you are a bumped up to a intern for either Microsoft or Google. […]

Rainier Beach’s Walk Out!!!

These photos are of the Rainier Beach Walk Out that occured in October 2012!! The photos include most of the students at the school, staff members, police officers, teachers, service providers and news reporters who attented this event. The purpose of this event was to make it known that students wanted Rainier Beach to be […]

Empire Nights Third Anniversary

An open mic event called Empire Nights takes place on the third Saturday of every month.  This event brings us together as a community.  Everyone who comes to Empire Nights continue to help us grow stronger and celebrate one another—Happy Birthday Empire Nights. Top 2 highlights of the event 1. I loved how everyone came out […]

Family Back 2gether

Many of us have been through hard times and good times with our family.  For me, family has been the number one thing that I am dedicated to.  This is because I love my family.  I also know that family helps to support our hopes and dreams.  Keep your family close and your hopes and […]

WSU SHAPING Conference 10/19/2012-10/21/2012

I was one of few students selected from Cleveland High School to attend Washington State’s annual SHAPING Conference 2012.  I happily accepted.  The theme this year was superheroes and villains.  We got to take tours of the college, attend workshops, and meet great people from all around Washington.  The first day we were separated into […]

Perception of Rainier Beach High School

Rainier Beach has had its many reputations of being the best school in the state, having the best sports, good academics, etc. Now the perception of Rainier Beach High School is that students don’t care, they get in fights, and overall Teachers don’t care enough to teach their students anything. Well from my perspective as […]