Life-long Learning

An innovative, connected learning system that is strategically integrated into the neighborhood’s cultural life.

Bridging The Gap Resource Fair

  This is a resource fair at the rainier community center where organizations came together to let people know what they’re capable of/what they can offer to the community.

Hispanic SeaFair

Top Two Highlights 1.The First highlight that I learned at the Hispanic Sea-Fair was that in Seattle their is a lot of help for Hispanics in case of they want to find jobs, or any different kind of help that they need the Hispanic Sea-Fair is there for them. 2. The second highlight that I […]

Heritage Parade 2013

Celebrating the arts in Columbia City. The Heritage Parade 2013. Was filled with Drill Teams such as Electronet High steppers, The Elegance Drill Team and The Seattle Diamonds Drill Team. I am a former Drill Team member and former coach of the Lady Dangerettes. It’s said the my team wasn’t there this year but next […]

Kill Off Kounty 2013

Kill Off Kounty biggest krump event for krumpers of washington. The live, OverBuck and gully begins. Brought to you by Demolition Crew North. I know some of you are wondering what krump is, right? Well it is a style of dance but for krumpers like me, it’s life, a get away, and outlet for our […]

UrbanRoots week2

Who are you? What is your purpose? Why are you here? Can anyone really answer that question without not talking about someone else. How do you know when you find your purpose? Learning life lessons is all about maturing the mind. Loving your self, spending alone time with yourself, finding what makes you happy and […]

UrbanRoots week3

Just keep digging! What does that phrase mean to you? That was our topic this week. Are we digging to find the root of our brokenness or find our purpose in life. This session we tried figure out who we our and what people see in us. Tally pointed out a couple of us and […]

Hammer and Nail session

Hammer and Nail All styles session every Wensday, 6-9pm at Emerald City Bible Fellowship Come enjoy yourself, learn new dance moves here is a clip of our last session. Featuring Robin Rojas