Info Table Badge

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  1. Communicating with people, inviting them to sign in/ or volunteer, demonstrates understanding in literature. Actively engaging, alternating between standing in front of/behind the info table as needed.
  2. Rotate when sharing information. When one person is talking to someone the other is getting ready to pass out flyers. 
1. Set-up literature/baskets and literature
2. Set-up supplies(CG worker and visitor sign-in sheets, pens/pencils)
3. Effectively engage visitors1. Natural guardian  – sit behind table only, not preferred
2. Standing in front of the table
3. Engaging people – preferred
4. Rotate roles with partner( one person at the booth and the other outside the        booth)
5. Manage literature – taking inventory, replenishing stock, let Rashad know what is out
6. Monitoring sign in sheets for completion quality e.g., dated, filled out completely
7. Turn sign in sheets over to the appropriate body – Coordinator reinforce who that is