Author: Fatima Kabba


NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, I’m thinking about will I be alive next?  my soul crying every week like dang my people are leaving this world piece by piece,  NO JUSTICE NO PEACE what they did to George Floyd was not even peace social...

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Dear Allah

Dear Allah, I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for everything that you do for me, for waking me up every single day.  So I can become a better version of myself.  I sometimes forgot about you.  And you continue to bless...

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My name is Fatima

My name is Fatima in arabic it means ‘’An abstians woman”’.   There’s  not a single soul on earth who compares to me. I’m not bossy, I’m a boss.  I  Been having all the sacue, Ain’t nobody  noticed me i been...

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