I am Christen Sabrina Blackwell and I am junior at Rainier Beach Highschool!!! I am a Freedomnet journalist for the Rainier Beach community. What I plan to graduate from high school with a nice GPA of A's and B's!!!!!!!!! Also going out of state for college to experience my own life out of Seattle Washington.

Rainier Beach’s Walk Out!!!

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Dec 012012

These photos are of the Rainier Beach Walk Out that occured in October 2012!! The photos include most of the students at the school, staff members, police officers, teachers, service providers and news reporters who attented this event. The purpose of this event was to make it known that students wanted Rainier Beach to be part of the school districts Building Excellence IV project list. We the students of Rainier Beach hope to get this new buliding now, because our school has not been rebuilt since the 1960’s. The school is getting old and we deserve a new buliding!!!!

Peace Rally

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Oct 312012
Peace Rally

On October 25, 2012, I went to a Peace Rally at South Shore.  This event was organized by a program called Alive and Free (they are connected to the Union Gospel Mission).  I enjoyed watching the audience.  Seeing the youth express themselves through different forms of art such as dancing, rapping, spoken word, singing was […]

Artwalk Great Performances!

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Sep 292012
Artwalk Great Performances!

I attended the Rainier Beach Artwalk with Freedomnet for the second year in a row.  This year, the Artwalk was even more interesting due to the increased attendance.  There were many booths and performances at the Artwalk that were exciting, fun and inspiring.  For example Northwest Tap Connection performed to “Beat It” and “Speed Demon” […]

Perception of Rainier Beach High School

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Sep 192012

Rainier Beach has had its many reputations of being the best school in the state, having the best sports, good academics, etc. Now the perception of Rainier Beach High School is that students don’t care, they get in fights, and overall Teachers don’t care enough to teach their students anything. Well from my perspective as […]

Back to School Bash!

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Aug 282012

This years Back to School Bash was a better than last years. Many people were involved in this community event. We had more people from different organizations, the performances we had were very youthful. The main focus of these performances were to keep the community and yourselves positive. I hope that with the more Back […]

Langston Hughes Musical Wake Up!

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Aug 242012

The first Musical since Langston Hughes  has been rebuilt was “Wake Up”. This Musicalwas about social issues, racism,  religious views, and about changing your life. The last Musical I was in with Langston Hughes was Bobos when I was in the 7th grade and since then it has been closed down for rebuilding and many […]