Author: Akea Gaines

Sky Anderson

17 Year old Sky Anderson is also known as “Harmony” for her beautiful soft singing voice.  She was born in Miami, Florida to her mother, Lynette Anderson, and father, Jason Mathews. Lynette moved to Seattle,...

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24 year old August Reynolds had light brown skin and light hazel eyes, with long silky hair to the middle of her back. She sat in her bed on a Sunday morning as the little bit of sunshine outside shined through her curtains,...

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Mati’ah Hemphill

Her name is Mati’ah Hemphill.  She has long pretty hair and light brown eyes.  She is 15 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington.  She was born on April 21st in Kansas City, Missouri.  She came to Seattle when she was...

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Andrea Tackett

Tall, independent, with short hair, big brown eyes, and pretty white teeth. Her name is Andrea Tackett.  Born on February 19, 1973 in Seattle, Washington. She was raised in the Central District on 32nd and Terrace.  She lived...

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Belva Gaines

I interviewed Belva Gaines. Belva is my Grandmother. She is 60 years old and from Seattle. 1.  What’s something you were afraid of as a child ? When I was in high school, I was paranoid to walk down the street at nighttime...

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