This interview was conducted at the Rainier Beach Art Walk on Sept 7th with local artist, Zac Davis.

What is your biggest fear for your community or organization?

– Watching what makes our 98118, what makes it so diverse, & so rich. Fear that makes our 98118, this phenomenon that makes up the Rainier Beach community.

What was the most difficult thing your community or organization has overcome?

– Regarding community issues, it is hard to generate support & interest. A lot of people thought the organization was interesting but it was difficult to get  support for the situation and get people involved.

What’s your outlook for your community/organization?

– Going further with the project and having  state wide exposure.  It is far from finished.  We definitely have more projects to create.

Describe your ideal volunteer or community member?

– A person who wants to see growth in their community, a person who wants to see us get the resources that the community needs. Someone who wants to see their people & have a voice, wanting a vision & to be heard. One that speaks on what’s needed.

5) Are things going the way you expected with your community/organization? Have you been surprised?

– They are going the way I expected but not exactly as I want. There are some things good in the community, but things aren’t exactly where I hoped them to be. I have mixed emotions about some things that haven’t changed at all. The Community needs to speak on what we want to be changed.