Many of us have been through hard times and good times with our family.  For me, family has been the number one thing that I am dedicated to.  This is because I love my family.  I also know that family helps to support our hopes and dreams.  Keep your family close and your hopes and dreams will come true.

Top 2 highlights

1. Coming back to a family that love you and tells you to never give up and keep your head in the game.

2. Seeing my loved ones makes me happy.  I like hanging out with my brothers and sisters, and saying “What’s up- Eugene is in the house.”


Most surprising thing I heard

1. My nephew Vionte is going to play on Seattle University’s basketball court coming December for his team.


What it means for the Rainier Community

1. Don’t give up.  Keep on dreaming, it’s in your hands.  And always ask for help because family will and always by the first to respond.