On October 26, 2012 at 8:00pm, the organizers of “Cultivate” hosted another open mic at Harambee.

Top 2 highlights of the event

1. Each citizen journalist from the S.E. Seattle FreedomNet performed, and blew the crowd away.

2. I was proud of my generation and the talent each of us showed in our performances.  It takes courage to get on stage.

Most controversial thing I heard

  1. I suggested that this event should be moved out of Renton, to make sure more people can attend.

Most surprising thing

  1. I never knew that “Cultivate” (the open mic at Harambee) has been going on for about 4-8 years.

What does it mean for the Rainier Community?

1. It means that this is another chance for us to come together, love our community and celebrate our talent.