On Friday October 26, 2012 Cleveland High School had their 3rd annual Mr. Cleveland event.  During this event, one male student is crowned for school spirit and enthusiasm.  There were five contestants including Khyree S., Ronald M., Drue P., EJ P., and Ryan R. They all had to show their talent, compete in games, and answer a panel of questions to prove why they should win Mr. Cleveland.

Some talents that were shown were Ronald’s singing , Drue’s cello playing, Khyree’s dancing , EJ’s singing, and Ryan’s duet to Adele’s hit song “Someone like you.”

After all the points were counted up the winner was decided—Drue P. received 3rd place, EJ P. received 2nd place, and the winner for the 2012 Mr. Cleveland was the one and only Mr. Ronald M!