Perception of Rainier Beach High School

 Posted by on September 19, 2012 at 2:17 pm  Education
Sep 192012

Rainier Beach has had its many reputations of being the best school in the state, having the best sports, good academics, etc. Now the perception of Rainier Beach High School is that students don’t care, they get in fights, and overall Teachers don’t care enough to teach their students anything.

Well from my perspective as a Rainier Beach student, the perception of Rainier Beach High School is incorrect. Rainier Beach is a great high school with amazing teachers and great programs and sports. I believe the reason why people make assumptions about Rainier Beach is because some of the things that happen in the community which have nothing to do with the school. I really wish people could see the good in the school within the community. It’s not like we are the only school that has flaws, because all schools do.

I’m not saying our school is perfect because it isn’t. I just wish people, even our own students, would recognize the goodness our school has. Even some of the students act like the school is horrible and that all it has is sports?

First of all, if you don’t like the school at all, why are teachers having to teach you things that you will need later on in life for college.  Sometimes even students can make the perception of Rainier Beach true.

If we are to make this perception/reputation of the school a good thing, prove people wrong and show them how good it is and how good you can be as a student, teacher, peer.

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