The Rainier beach graduation was very moving.  Seeing many of the Seniors that had said many times that they weren’t good enough to make it to graduation did.  It shows how much Rainier Beach has overcome. I am proud of all the seniors that graduated this year and i hope that they make great things of themselves

Most Surprising thing heard:

“Rainier Beach is my home and the rumors that everyone continues to make about it is a lie, I am proud of all my fellow seniors”

-Al john

Most Controversial thing heard:

Many were emotional about leaving but were happy that they have succeed.

How it affected the community:

Many that graduated had said “Coming to Rainier Beach has changed my life and is having me going on to better things”

Top 2 Highlights:

1.) The students that were supposed to graduate graduated

2.) Rainier Beach was proud of its VIKINGS!